Rudimental - Free ft. Emeli Sandé [Official Video]

Oct 24, 2013
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Our new album "Toast To Our Differences" is out now:
Official music video for Rudimental's 'Free', featuring Emeli Sandé.
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The video features real-life wing suit flier and extreme sports athlete Jokke Sommer gliding through the air around the Eiger mountain in the Alps. The visual was directed by Stu Thomson and required no post-production for the stunts with Sommer displaying his real ability on film.
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Director: Stu Thomson
Director of Photography: Ben Fordesman
Assistant Direction: Jonathan Sidwell
Commissioner: Dan Curwin
Producer: Poss Kondeatis
Executive Producer: Chris Baker
Production Company: Mind's Eye
Swiss Team: Samuel Gyger for
Editor: Luke Bellis
Colourist: Adam Clarke
Online: Chris Tobin
Post-Production: Absolute Post
Sound Mix: Jason Peacock for Pure Soho
Stylist: Klaire Jamin
Art Direction: James Hamilton
Video Flyer: Ludovic Woerth
Wingsuit Flier: Jokke Sommer (

  • I wish wwe 2k soundtracks was this good again.

    2wavxy x Dorian2wavxy x Dorian2 days ago
  • 7 Years and still perfekt 😍

    Alena leeAlena lee2 days ago
  • Was this shot in Pakistan?

    Andriy YarmalenkoAndriy Yarmalenko3 days ago
    • Nope. Its a place called Matatiele, the mountain scenes were done 2km away on the Drakensberg mountain

      LeemunLeemunDay ago
  • 2020 🇬🇧😄😄👍

    Paul ScottPaul Scott4 days ago
  • I want to be in the mountains

    DeeDee5 days ago
  • Can relate girl

    Brendah OnyangoBrendah Onyango5 days ago
  • From WWE 2k15

    Seth MangwanaSeth Mangwana5 days ago
  • Go to Bernese Oberland, catch a little bit of freedom. Great song, love swiss mountains and stay free Jokke.

    Mika IlolaMika Ilola7 days ago
  • 2020 and still a mood changer ❤️

    Fatima IsmailFatima Ismail7 days ago
    • YES! I found myself randomly singing this song and had to watch the video again, I haven't heard this song since 2013 :) It is so refreshing

      Patricia AzzopardiPatricia Azzopardi5 days ago
  • Darkstuner cxv334dDarkstuner cxv334d9 days ago
  • 2020. still fly

    pandu pellapandu pella10 days ago
  • 2020 and this still plays in my peace and harmony people ❤️❤️

    Venn MartVenn Mart11 days ago
  • I come to this video every single moment I feel alone and aimlessly in life. "This world ain't exactly what my heart expected" "See, c'est la vie, maybe something's wrong with me" Those two hit really deep.

    Andrés ZavalaAndrés Zavala11 days ago
    • Same here.

      Erik FleškoErik Fleško9 days ago
  • Jokke Sommer!

    Richard GillRichard Gill13 days ago
  • WWE2K15.... IN 2020

    D. W.D. W.14 days ago
  • Wwe15

    JuiceJuice14 days ago
  • Dang I lve this song

    Shadow Wolf PupShadow Wolf Pup16 days ago
  • 2020 💪

    MartinMartin16 days ago
  • I had no idea what this song was about when it first came out, I just thought t was a dope song lol.

    aran kathiraran kathir16 days ago
  • Just Wow :)

    Dan GexxDan Gexx20 days ago
  • RIP Jake Cooke 💔❤️ you loved this song. Will forever be your song to me. You are free, rest in paradise angel xx

    leah andersonleah anderson20 days ago
  • 2020?

    MATEOMATEO21 day ago
  • jan 2020 am here

    Emily zuluEmily zulu22 days ago
  • This is how I feel as an introvert

    Love FebruaryLove February22 days ago
  • Listening to this song since 2015 and it´s already 2020. This gives me always the right vibes to do something more ! I just love it !

    Erik FleškoErik Fleško22 days ago
  • 2020 babayyy

    YoshiYoshi23 days ago
  • WWE 2K15? Anyone?

    DaNger KnightDaNger KnightMonth ago
  • hehe. i thought this was leona louis when searching for this song.

    Shaun0n-em-eShaun0n-em-eMonth ago
  • Wwe2k15 brought me here good days.

    Bray God Of Thunder 12-9-97Bray God Of Thunder 12-9-97Month ago
    • Me too

      DaNger KnightDaNger KnightMonth ago
  • 💔

    Galaxy GalaxyGalaxy GalaxyMonth ago
  • Am i the only that listens to this becsuse it's good not because i am depressed

    Ali HaniAli HaniMonth ago
  • Whats with all these fackot ass story telling

    Abdulilah El-BosniAbdulilah El-BosniMonth ago
  • Every time I hit rock bottom I find myself listening to this song! The love I have for this song is way too much!

    shaune theronshaune theronMonth ago
  • I'm not free, hope someday I will :/

    AnaAnaMonth ago
  • Great therapy music

    Andrew TolanAndrew TolanMonth ago
  • i always gravitate back to this song.i was bullied in early life. always come back to listen to it when i feel down again. 11/12/19 8)

    Tino RenovatioTino RenovatioMonth ago
  • Underwriters club lawyer...i shall...tgif...

    Rose Ukiyo MasonRose Ukiyo MasonMonth ago
  • 2019 me trae tanta nostalgia

  • Story of my life ………. this song

    Carlos DavisCarlos DavisMonth ago
  • So many inspirational songs from one group. Love it.

    Philippe KienePhilippe KieneMonth ago
  • WWE

    DaTysonDaTysonMonth ago
  • 💕💕still so good!

    Merlin JuksMerlin JuksMonth ago
  • This was my favorite 3 years ago, or 4 !

    Merlin JuksMerlin JuksMonth ago
  • So like what vocals lesson did Emily Sandé take to sing so well please??? 💯

    Francis EarlFrancis Earl2 months ago
  • Hi I'm Kevin and I like to make music. I'm trying to spread my word. I subscribed your channel. Thank you everybody and goodbye.

    Kenga BeatsKenga Beats2 months ago
  • What so beautiful song. I don't know why, but it makes me cry. Nature is so awesome. I wish I was there!

    Antonio GarcíaAntonio García2 months ago
  • 💞💞💞

    Nicu LifeNicu Life2 months ago

    Sir SirSir Sir2 months ago
  • Focus on the good things and you'll attract other good things! Massive hugs to everyone 🤗🤗🤗

    Julia ED81Julia ED812 months ago
  • i came across this by accident and instantly remembered it, what a throwback

    huhhuh2 months ago
  • I'm French and i just noticed that Emeli was singing in the chorus " wooah, c'est la vie"... Voilà voilà I'm stupid

    Baby QuinnBaby Quinn2 months ago
  • Cute

    mike clarkemike clarke2 months ago
  • I'm crying

    mike clarkemike clarke2 months ago
  • Ooooooowwww

    mike clarkemike clarke2 months ago
  • wwe 2k15 boys rise up

    Ma551ve Sk3tMa551ve Sk3t2 months ago
  • Still Free 14.11.2019 💙🏔

    BURAGARTBURAGART2 months ago
  • I don't do yoga, never tried Pilates Not many people want me at their parties Tryna find my place, some place, oh I, oh I, oh I And I drink a little more than recommended This world ain't exactly what my heart expected Tryna find my way someway, oh I, oh I, oh I See, whoa, c'est la vie Maybe something's wrong with me But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free If you ask the church then I am no believer Spend Sundays asleep, I'm just another dreamer Still tryna find my home sweet home, oh I, oh I, oh I And I guess I ain't too good for money neither I got two left feet, no, I'm no Jackson either Just tryna find my way someway, oh I, oh I, oh I See, whoa, c'est la vie Maybe something's wrong with me But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free Yeah, whoa, c'est la vie And maybe something's wrong with me But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free just tryna find my home sweet home, sweet home, sweet home, sweet home (Yeah, I'm free, yeah, I'm free, yeah) I drink a little more than recommended (Yeah, I'm free, yeah, I'm free, yeah) 'cause this ain't exactly what my heart expected (Yeah, I'm free, yeah, I'm free, yeah) (Yeah, I'm free, yeah, I'm free, yeah) Whoa, c'est la vie 'Cause something's wrong with me But whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free (just tryna find my home sweet home, sweet home) Yeah, whoa, c'est la vie Maybe something's wrong with me (I'm flyin') But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free (just tryna find my home sweet home, sweet home) Whoa-whoa

    Ben FeldmanoosBen Feldmanoos2 months ago
  • WWE2k15

    lil favo skillslil favo skills2 months ago
  • meanwhile all rabbits in that area are in their hole because they thought there was a bird

    AgarWorstPlayerAgarWorstPlayer2 months ago
  • I was beaten by my stepdad. Bmx was my release, a 21yr journey, I often think about how much time I spent flying through the air, no lie I would go the biggest almost every skatepark I ever rode. I am 40 now and this song helps me remember why I loved Bmx so much.

    Luke HollandLuke Holland2 months ago