Free - All Right Now

Dec 28, 2008
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Free All Right Now at Isle of Wight

  • don't ya just love "OUR MUSIC" shows our age but do u prefer Justin beber dickwad? ANNIELEE

    anne hudsonanne hudsonDay ago
  • Geniales... lugo 2020...

    Gloria SalgadoGloria SalgadoDay ago
  • The band who had everything and Paul still has it, they are a part of who I am

    Ron WylieRon WylieDay ago
  • HUH??? I swear I thought Bad Co. did this!!!!!

    wolfgangzrx Smithwolfgangzrx Smith5 days ago
  • i had just gotten a job in a pizzeria as a 16 yo and this selection was playing on the juke box all the time.

    Jack FlashJack Flash6 days ago
  • All non-hesitants are ignorant !!!

    Oldbiker HartmutOldbiker Hartmut6 days ago
  • "dont mess with the vipers" Chris and Tony at their best #sopranos

    Alex RechezAlex Rechez7 days ago
  • Anyone remember the Wrigleys chewing gum ad ??

    Haggis UKHaggis UK7 days ago
  • Paul Kossoff

    Mark WilliamsMark Williams9 days ago
  • I wanna go back when....awesomeeeeeeeeeeee times

    Sharon WilkinsSharon Wilkins9 days ago
  • Anybody know the name of the guitarist on this?

    Olve RykkenOlve Rykken10 days ago
  • oh man. that is music. pure and gritty.... no studio shit.

    Dennis XDennis X12 days ago
  • The guitar solo is frickin awesome, Paul Kossoff!

    jose andrade filhojose andrade filho13 days ago
  • So awesome to blasting this music in my sixties. It was bread into us. We were unto something big. And the young people today realize and appreciate that.

    Daniel TylerDaniel Tyler13 days ago
  • Im looking at the comments. And I see nothing about the spin off of Free is Bad Company. That voice you all are commenting on is Awesome!

    Mr. JonesMr. Jones13 days ago

  • amazing performance, epic, trough all these years! nd the crowd even cant understand the value of the whole situation.. :D

    Iliya NikolovIliya Nikolov15 days ago
  • это слишком круто

    Margo MorettyMargo Moretty16 days ago
    • Гитара поразила

      Георг ТалисмановГеорг Талисманов11 days ago
  • One of best rock songs ever

    slimeKaylie croninslimeKaylie cronin17 days ago
  • Listening to this after the fires have come through North Nowra Australia ,I'm alright now

    TelephoneMickTelephoneMick18 days ago
    • Stay frosty mate from Gunnedah north of you

      jimmy jimmyjimmy jimmy15 days ago
    • stay safe !!!!

      The Irish WandererThe Irish Wanderer17 days ago
  • Has the best bass line in musical history

    David CooleyDavid Cooley18 days ago
  • this makes me want to go back to 1971 and attend this concert and then attend a deathly dangerous motorace at the old zandvoort circuit

    Due_Due_19 days ago
  • You don't even see the guitarist until 2:30.

    Marty FeingoldMarty Feingold20 days ago
  • Now 2020. Anyone still watching. I'm 66 and this is my absolute all time favourite song. When drummers held their 'sticks the wrong way round :) So many memories wrapped up with this through the years . . . . .

    Chris HoleChris Hole20 days ago
    • @gill leaf He sounds like fun 🐶

      Lauren DuvallLauren Duvall19 days ago
    • @Lauren Duvall No Unfortunately, but he is a beautiful looking dog, just has a lousy singing voice lol.

      gill leafgill leaf19 days ago
    • Maybe he doesn't sound like him, but does he look like him?

      Lauren DuvallLauren Duvall19 days ago
    • Yes, still listening Free were my favourite band of all time. Paul Rodgers still sounds great today. I have to listen with headphones though, my Borzoi sings his heart out when Koss starts lol & he is no Paul Rodgers.

      gill leafgill leaf19 days ago
    • Yep. Still watching. Great make out music

      Lauren DuvallLauren Duvall20 days ago
  • 50 love this band this is when rock n roll was rock n roll peace yall

    Lance LongLance Long21 day ago
  • 2020 still listening lol and I’m 24

    Katie PartridgeKatie Partridge21 day ago
    • Still does the same thing to me it did when I was a teeneger and Im 65 lol

      Ron WylieRon WylieDay ago
    • @Kelli Contreras January 18, 2020. 60 years old. Hi from Russia!

      И КИ К6 days ago
    • Listening on January 13, 2020. 55 years old. So sad only two of them are still with us.

      Kelli ContrerasKelli Contreras12 days ago
    • I am in between you two at 43 and I'm listening!

      Jason DevonJason Devon13 days ago
    • I am 63. Love this band

      Sandra BenhamSandra Benham14 days ago
  • On the road in wintry weather.

    biglilmewbiglilmew21 day ago
  • Glad I was born in 60s as music in 70s was great 🎸🎶🎙🎷👍

    Bow ButlerBow Butler21 day ago
  • 🇺🇸✌🙏🇺🇸🙏✌✌✌🙏

    brian lammeringbrian lammering22 days ago
  • So cool to hear this song, it's been 50? years but it it's still great!!! Concerts were so exciting back in the 70's, I'd like to go back and do it again !!!

    Robin DumlerRobin Dumler23 days ago
    • So would I, they were the best times.

      gill leafgill leaf19 days ago
  • Koss, what a waste to drugs. RIP lad.

    underon1underon124 days ago
  • love the vocals & the beats perfect

    damontamakahadamontamakaha25 days ago
  • I thank Sopranos for that.

    tiortedrootskytiortedrootsky25 days ago
  • Paul Rodger's way cooler than Mathew mcconaughey with his Alright, Alright, Alright!

    phil tphil t27 days ago
  • Great performance shit crowd!

    gethin evansgethin evans27 days ago
  • 56 now

    Ian ClarkeIan Clarke27 days ago
  • anyone know what year this was?

    Rob MRob M27 days ago
    • It was 1970, the isle of wight festival.

      gill leafgill leaf19 days ago
  • still think this band should of made it way longer than they did

    Willow WalkerWillow Walker28 days ago
  • Paul rodgers. Nothing else to say. Bloody brilliant

    Sharon MillerSharon Miller28 days ago
  • Brilliant band ..very underrated.

    mynthimynthi28 days ago
  • Fuck yeah

    David FreemeDavid Freeme29 days ago
  • Love that solo drum start!

    AL- G.AL- G.29 days ago
  • LOL.. The MC said... "Wanna Fuck.?" Anyone else catch that.?

    rockinfxguy1rockinfxguy129 days ago
    • He actually said won em back? slang for You want them back (to play more)

      gill leafgill leaf19 days ago
  • музон есть музон, умеешь, делай

    александр андреевалександр андреевMonth ago
  • Fabulous

    Dale WilliamsDale WilliamsMonth ago
  • Spoilt!

    Roy FinchRoy FinchMonth ago
  • Those who went to IOW were spoiled.

    Roy FinchRoy FinchMonth ago
  • Brings me to tears. transport me back, please!!!

    Perhaps 58Perhaps 58Month ago
    • Listen to johnnie walker if all ready you don't on Sundays bbc2 As close to getting back in the day as one might get in this day and age, thumbs up mate

  • Imam 66 godina ali ovu pesmu slusam jer je pravi rok

    Borisav SpasojevićBorisav SpasojevićMonth ago
  • They're all FREAKS!!! LINE 'EM UP AND SHOOT 'EM! (-;

    Matt MelchertMatt MelchertMonth ago
  • Glastonbury?

    Matt MelchertMatt MelchertMonth ago
    • Isle of Wight.

      Gary BradleyGary BradleyMonth ago
  • These were the type of music that I grew up with. I'm now 68 but still enjoy songs from the sixties. Free, 3 Dog Night, The Who, Led Zeppelin n many more great rock bands of that era.

    Gabriel ChinGabriel ChinMonth ago
  • Rest in peace Koss.

    Bird ManBird ManMonth ago
  • That, ladies and gents, is what they call THOWIN' DOWN!

    Robert KaiserRobert KaiserMonth ago
  • ''All Right Now'...o rock...agradece!

    Daniel Julio NascimentoDaniel Julio NascimentoMonth ago
  • Every thing else takes the piss

    Colin HughesColin HughesMonth ago
  • Crap.

    ElmebeckElmebeckMonth ago
  • Absolute banger of a tune. And good to see Benicio del Toro on guitar at 0:53.

    Ben WhiteBen WhiteMonth ago
  • Amazing memories ! New music can’t beat this !!!!

    Cheryl StonerCheryl StonerMonth ago
    • Cheryl Soner - "New music" I'd LOVE to hear some !

      marvinc999marvinc99927 days ago
  • The drummer is so on ecstasy.

    The Wolf you feedThe Wolf you feedMonth ago